Tanz- und Bewegungskünste

The emphasis on the visual perfection of and in movement, together with tightly choreographed movement sequences generally impedes the inner spacial dialogue which is so necessary to the production of art. Awareness of inner direction, line and the emergence of form, also the logic and functionality underlying movement often get lost in the priority placed on the perfected product; which is to be found by the dancer’s body.

Die Mittel der Alexander-Technik initiieren eine paradoxe Erfahrung. Durch eine bewusste Steuerung unseres Verhaltens kreieren wir den Raum, in dem wir vertrauensvoll loslassen können, wir legen die Spur, in der sich unser Handeln frei entfalten kann.

The invigorating experience of releasing in and expanding into movement allows the dancer, revitalised with an improved sensory feedback, to rediscover faith in his or her responsiveness and confidence in the body as an artistic product.